English4Tech, is a Bilingual Talent Accelerator. A special program specifically designed to provide software developers with all the tools and expertise that are needed to quickly obtain better paying jobs in a global marketplace. To make this possible, E4T ensures our talent acquires specific skills demanded by the IT industry, becomes more competitive in job applications and most importantly, learns how to communicate in English with confidence.
Our Tech Talent is Global, Competitive and Bilingual and is set on a journey to success!

There are two ways you can pay for the program. You can pay upfront by paying the entire cost of the course when you start, or, you can pay in the future through an Income Share Agreement.  ISA is a payment method that allows you to take the program immediately but paying for it only once you find your next job. We offer this option to help those talents that can’t pay for the program right away. For us, it’s a way to invest in you and provide you with all the resources you will need to get a better job with a better salary.

All of our sessions will take place online with live teachers. We strongly believe that for you to improve your cultural and linguistic skills you need to interact in real time with other professionals like yourself and with our native English speakers.

Our sessions will be taught in English and our teachers will always stimulate you to interact in English. For this reason, we advise our talent to come to our programs with a B1 (low intermediate) level of English. If you don’t know what level you have, don’t worry! When you apply you will take a quick placement test to better understand your level so we can place you in the course that best works for you.

We give you the tools and the training to set you up for success but ultimately it will depend on you and your efforts. Our program is designed to prepare you and give you all the confidence to project yourself in the global market while our team of teachers and career advisors will guide you through it, giving you recommendations and connecting you with possible employers. Ultimately, we count on your motivation and active participation in our sessions to ensure you will achieve your goals.

For us to ensure you will progress successfully through our program we require mandatory attendance. This guarantees you the best results in becoming a Global, Competitive and Bilingual Talent. Nonetheless, we understand there can be personal situations that might require you to be absent from class. In these circumstances you can contact your course coordinator and arrange how to make up the class.

No, the 12-week accelerated course has the purpose of providing confidence and the necessary practice to communicate in English within working and professional contexts.

Yes, our sessions are recorded and can be requested to your teacher for a limited period of time. It’s important to understand that live classes remain mandatory aside from these unique circumstances.

The English4Tech program meets three times a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 6PM to 8PM (GMT -5: Mexico City, Bogotá, Quito, Lima) for 12 weeks in total.

Our syllabus, completely dictated in English, focuses on three areas of personal development:

  • Global Talent: In these sessions you will acquire specific skills that are required by multicultural and bilingual workplaces. These skills include being able to communicate clearly and effectively in English as well as how to work efficiently with team members coming from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
  • Competitive Talent: These sessions will be very hands-on and their objective is to make you more competitive in the job application process. You will learn how to write a quality CV and also practice interviewing skills with our teachers.
  • Bilingual Talent: These sessions are focused on giving you the practice and confidence you need to express yourself in English in a professional manner. Our native English teachers will help you with both written and spoken skills while always placing you in a context appropriate to your profession.
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